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May 6, 2015

TFL Joining Spree

Posted by Senior Staff [5:33 am] (link)

This is a update of fun and games for the General category.

Since fanlistings often wind up closing and re-opening with new owners at some point, one of our staffers, Todd, has organized a fanlistings ‘Joining Spree’ at our message board. It’s become a fun activity for many of the members, so for those who don’t visit the board often or haven’t registered at our message board, we decided to post the information here on the updates blog, as well, so that everyone will have a chance to get involved!

The Joining Spree is already a few weeks underway, so this post will include the categories that have been a part of it so far and then from now on, we’ll be making a weekly post (either on Sundays or Mondays) with the category or categories participating for that particular week.

Here is a portion of Todd’s original post announcing the event:

Welcome to the 2015 TFL Joining Spree! In the coming weeks and months, we hope to lead you through a combing of the entire fanlistings network, and motivate you to not only join fanlistings, but to clean up your joined pages! We will go through 1-3 categories a week, depending on the size of the categories, and each week you will be asked to join fanlistings in those categories, and clean up those categories in your joined sections! This will include removing any dead links for closed fanlistings you still have linked, and updating links for any fanlistings you have joined that have moved. Because categories will be divided by size, we will not be going through the network’s categories in alphabetical order. Please do not assume next week’s category is the next one on the list alphabetically.

To participate, simply check out this post each week to see which category or categories we have featured, and get to work joining and cleaning up!

Let’s get to joining fanlistings!

Here are the categories that have been covered so far, so please take this week to join the fanlistings for subjects in the following categories that you are a fan of! (If you don’t have a chance to join everything in one week, we’ll be doing ‘Catch-Up’ weeks later on.)

Movies (Current week)
Actresses (Week 4)
Actors (Week 3)
Animals, Nature (Week 2)
Academia, Arts and Design, Calendar Events (Week 1)

Happy joining!

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Did You Know?

It's unfortunate that we have to reject people for fanlistings they apply for, but it's what has to be done if more than one person applies for a fanlisting. If you've received more than one rejection from us, please don't take it personally. It may be due to a number of reasons -- the most likely one is that there was more than one applicant for the fanlisting and a final decision had to be made. Often these are very difficult and it isn't a "problem" with you.