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Adopting Out Fanlistings

Below are some helpful tips and suggestions for adopting out your fanlistings. If you want to advertise adopting out a fanlisting, try our message board adoption area!

Important Information

When you adopt out a fanlisting, you as the original owner must submit the update form and tell the staffer the new contact information for the fanlisting (new name, e-mail and URL if applicable). We will only process moved forms from the old owner.

Other Guidelines

  • If you have adopted a fanlisting and find problems with the layout/codes or members list, be aware that there is little that the TFL Staff can do about it. You will have to deal with this with the previous owner.
  • If you are in the process of adopting/trading a fanlisting and this falls through, the staff might be unable to chase this up for you if you have lost contact with the owner.
  • If the owner has moved on without submitting the moved form, you can contact the relevant TFL staffer with 'evidence' of the trade/adoption (ie. e-mails, etc.). But be aware that we may be unable to process the form without sufficient evidence.
  • Be careful what fanlistings you put up for adoption. We all know people can change their minds; however, it's disheartening for people to apply for an adoption only to find the current owner decides to keep it. Think hard before putting fanlistings up for adoption.
  • If you plan to adopt out or close a fanlisting that you have adopted, it is polite to contact the previous owner before proceeding. They may be able to take it back.
  • If you are adopting out a fanlisting and had multiple applications for it, it is polite to contact the people not approved and let them know they were not chosen. Often people put a lot of emotion into their applications, and it's rude not to let them know the results.
  • When adopting out, it can be a good idea to contact your members list. If they are fans, then someone may want to take the fanlisting over from you.

Support Us

TFL relies on donations and advertising to keep running. There are several ways you can help! Make a donation and get access to the TFL donators package or visit our advertisers. We also have a banner rotation for fanlistings and fansites. Every bit helps! More information can be found on the Support page.

Did You Know?

If you want your fanlisting to be listed in multiple categories (and it isn't already listed), then send in a fanlisting application form to each category. In the comments box on your application forms, please note that you are applying to cross-list your fanlisting in another category (include the category's name). Please keep in mind that you are not guaranteed approval in all categories.