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TFL Staff Team

This is where you can learn about all of the people who help to keep The Fanlistings Network up and running. This includes our senior staff members, our development team, our category staffers, and our permanent trouble checkers. If you are interested in knowing exactly what each group does, then please see our TFL Job Descriptions.

TFL Senior Staff

We make important decisions about the running of the network. Some of us run categories too, but most of our time is put into discussing what is best for the network and implementing changes. There are currently 7 of us.

TFL Developers

We are the people who help maintain the backend of the site. There are currently 1 of us.

TFL Category Staff

We are the people who receive and process your applications, finished forms, moved forms, closed forms and trouble reports. We also work with the trouble checkers to make sure the fanlistings in our categories remain trouble-free. There are currently 43 of us.

TFL Trouble Checkers

We are the people who work with the category staffers to help keep the network trouble-free. Each of us is assigned to a particular category (though some categories have several trouble checkers) and it is our job to check fanlistings for problems. There are currently 27 of us.

Aaron · Akira · Amber · Brittany · Celeste · Deanna · Deborah · Emelie · Evie · Janna · Jen · Jessica Haynes · Kristin · Laura · Mal · Michelle · Miriallia · Nicki · Nicole · Reshi · Rose Myst · Selenia · Sofie · Susanna · Tec · Tess · Trialia

Support Us

TFL relies on donations and advertising to keep running. There are several ways you can help! Make a donation and get access to the TFL donators package or visit our advertisers. We also have a banner rotation for fanlistings and fansites. Every bit helps! More information can be found on the Support page.

Did You Know?

Fanlistings need to be updated at least once every two months. If no one joins during that time period, all you need to do is add a little notice to your fanlisting which states that no one is joining. Make sure you date that notice so we can see that you've checked the site, but there have been no additional members. This will also let visitors know that the site is being maintained.