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Please read the following rules very carefully before applying for a fanlisting. Failure to keep your fanlisting in compliance with these rules will result in your fanlisting being placed on the troubles list, and ultimately being deleted.

The information is split into two sections: part one outlines the rules for applying to build a fanlisting that you would like listed at Part two outlines the rules for creating and maintaining a fanlisting listed at Please read both sections to familiarise yourself with's rules.

Section One: Application Rules

1. You must have web design experience.

  • Provide an existing URL that displays your skills when you apply. This URL must be your own work. You may use pre-made layouts or another persons work on the final fanlisting, but to apply you must present your own work.
  • E-groups (e.g., MSN, Yahoo, etc.), journal sites (e.g., LiveJournal, Myspace, DeadJournal, etc.), message boards, and anything with pre-made templates are not viable proof.
  • If you are using a free site that has HTML generators (e.g., Geocities, Tripod, etc.), the category staffer may decline your application if the site shows little actual web design knowledge. Although we do not prohibit the use of HTML generators, we do expect owners to demonstrate some experience beyond that which many basic generators are capable of.

2. You cannot apply for something that is already listed at

  • lists one fanlisting per subject.
  • Check the Approved FLs list before applying for a fanlisting.
  • If the currently listed fanlisting is dead or has a problem, please report it to a staff member. This does not mean you can apply for it instead.

3. If your subject covers more than one category, apply in each category.

  • Inform the staffer on your application that you are applying in multiple categories, and state which categories you are applying in.
  • Subjects in the Adult category cannot be cross-listed.
  • Subjects cannot be cross-listed into the Adult category.
  • It is your responsibility to cross-list a subject, not ours.
  • If your fanlisting is listed in more than one category, state on the fanlisting which categories the fanlisting is listed in.
  • It is not required, but you may also provide different codes for each 'part' of your fanlisting subject or provide a drop-down menu on the join form for members to chose what they are a fan of.

4. Everything that is related to animation, games or sports entertainment belongs in those categories. All anime and manga subjects belong at the Anime Fanlistings Network.

5. There is no limit to the number of fanlistings you may apply for or own.

  • However, the staff has the right to deny applications based on a history of overdue fanlistings, unreasonable requests for extensions, a history of not keeping fanlistings updated, or any other problems previously experienced with the applicant.
  • We do however, have limits on the number of fanlistings you currently are making at a time. Staffers will not approve you for any further fanlistings if you have 6 fanlistings 'upcoming' in a single category, or 20 fanlistings 'upcoming' across the entire Network. You will be asked to complete these fanlistings before you are approved for more. If some of these are pending finished forms being processed, include the completed URLs in your application form.
  • It is not allowed to apply using more than one email address in order to increase your chances of approval or reduce the number of upcoming fanlistings. Any person who is found out doing this, will be asked to pick one of their email addresses and all the fanlistings will be placed together under this address.

6. staffers reserve the right to not approve a fanlisting.

  • Audio dramas belong in Albums category (belong here, not The Anime Fanlisting).
  • Novels based on anime belong here, not at The Anime Fanlistings.
  • Inappropriate or ridiculous subjects may be refused by the staff. Please be sensible when applying for a fanlisting.
  • Controversial subjects may be approved, but they will be discussed with the staff before approval.

Section Two: Creation and Maintaining Rules

1. Your fanlisting must be accessible to everyone.

  •,, and hosted fanlistings are not allowed as they are not viewable to everyone.
  • If possible, check for cross-browser compatibility.
  • If your fanlisting is not viewable in certain browsers (i.e. Firefox, Opera, etc.) place a note on the splash page.
  • Redirection URLs like and .tk are not allowed because they are either inaccessible to all visitors, or they pose security risks to visitors.

2. You must provide a link back to

  • You may use a text link or banner.
  • This must be in a visible place (i.e. splash page or index page).
  • If your site uses frames, please make sure that the TFL link opens in a new window.

3. You must create the fanlisting in four weeks.

  • If you cannot complete the fanlisting in this time frame, contact the staffer as soon as possible to ask for an extension. Be sure to include why you need it and how long you may need.
  • If you decide you no longer wish to make your fanlisting, you must submit a Closed form for it. You cannot adopt out an unfinished fanlisting to a new owner.

4. You must update at least once every two months.

  • If no one joins in that time and no one has requested to have their current information updated, please bring the last update date current, either by changing it manually or by selecting a member from the members list if you maintain your fanlisting with a script and "update" their information. All we want to know is that the site is still active and being cared for. Please do not post more than one update date, as we will only go by the first last update date listed on the main page of the fanlisting.
  • Updates should include any pending members or updating a members information if requested. Members may request that their name; e-mail address (including hiding an e-mail address from public view) and/or country is changed and this should be done within two months of being requested.
  • Going on Hiatus: You may temporarily place your fanlisting on hiatus in one of two ways:
    • If visitors are unable to submit join forms during this time (i.e., you take down your join form or the entire fanlisting), then your fanlisting can only be on hiatus for one month. You also must state the date of your return on the fanlisting's main page. Fanlistings without return dates will be sent undefined hiatus troubles e-mails, and fanlistings that remain on hiatus after their return date will receive long-term hiatus troubles e-mails. OR
    • If you keep your join form open and continue to accept applications during your hiatus, you can go on an 'update hiatus' for two months. You must process all join/update forms upon your return.

5. There must be an English version of the fanlisting.

  • You may also provide versions of your fanlisting in other languages if you wish.

6. The only required fields on your fanlisting should be a name and a country. You can also require a working email address.

  • You may ask for additional information (e.g., 'favourite book'), but these fields must be optional.
  • You may not reject any members, unless they fail to provide a name, a country, or - if required - an email address. Failing to provide any additional information may not be used as a basis for rejecting a member.
  • You may refuse to list a URL if you find it offensive, but you must list the member's name and country.
  • You must list actual countries (e.g., not states, provinces, cities, or continents; fictional places like Middle Earth; vague descriptions like "Earth" or "here;" or purely political or charitable organizations like NATO or the UN). Please note that the United Kingdom is an actual country, but you may require members to specify which country within the UK they are from.
  • For an up-to-date list of official countries, you may visit this link. If you are joining a fanlisting and you notice that your country is not included in the countries list, please contact the owner to let them know, so that it can be added.
  • You may not hide your join form. For example, making your join form accessible only through a secret link on your rules page. We consider this the same thing as using a secret word on your join form. You may not make them seek out the join form.

7. Take care of and update your fanlisting.

  • You must update your fanlisting at least once every two months.
  • After having been on the troubles list twice for either: a) lack of updating; or b) members list neglect, a fanlisting found to be neglected for the third time may be removed from the network if the troubles staffer in charge deems it appropriate and a senior staffer confirms that the removal can go ahead. This does not apply to other troubles issues, such as dead links, incorrect links to TFL, or unfair rules. You will receive a personalised email if your fanlisting is removed for repeated neglect. We do not expect removals of this nature to occur on a regular basis.
  • Owners should respect the wishes of their members, including edits to their information. This includes spam-protecting, or even hiding members e-mail addresses and updating other information such as name, country and URLs.
  • While not a troubles offense, we recommend that the layout and codes for your fanlisting clearly indicate what the subject of your site is.

8. You must have an 'last updated' date on your fanlisting.

  • It must be in an easy-to-locate place (i.e. splash page or main page).
  • You MUST either write out the month (4 March, 2005) or if you use a numerical date, you MUST provide a key/legend immediately before or after the date, explaining the format used (4/5/2005 - dd/mm/yyyy).
    As more than one date format is considered 'standard', you are required to provide a clear way to read the date regardless of the format used. Failing to use either suggested format could result in your fanlisting being added to the troubles list.
  • You must post your fanlisting updates on the actual fanlisting. You may keep your updates on a separate page or on a separate site, but not exclusively.

9. Fanlisting subjects should not be merged onto the same website. Each fanlisting should be on a seperate website/webpage.

  • Fanlistings for similar subjects (ie. a movie and a sequel to the movie) may share the same website. But there should be different join forms/members list or a 'favourite' feature on the join form. The owner should provide codes for each subject and make it clear on the site what the website covers.
  • Fanlistings sharing the same site with subjects from another network (ie. Physical) should take into consideration that just because someone is a fan of an actor, actress, etc., doesn't necessarily mean they are a fan of their appearance, so we suggest that owners provide different join forms/members list or a 'favourite' feature on the join form. The owner should provide codes for each subject and make it clear on the site what the website covers.

10. Use of scripts to maintain your fanlisting.

  • You may manage your fanlisting manually, or with a script such as BellaBuffs or Enthusiast.
  • Your fanlisting must not use a JavaScript or PHP-generated last update date intended to create an inaccurate and false update date. Update dates must reflect the last member update.
  • You may run the fanlisting on an automated system (i.e. Megabook or a guestbook), however you must regularly check the members list for duplicates and spam entries.

11. Keep your information at current.

  • Make sure that is listing the correct URL for your fanlisting.
  • Make sure that has the correct contact email address for you.

12. You are allowed to use temporary layouts.

  • If you can't finish your layout in time, you can still submit a finished form and your fanlisting will be processed as finished as usual.
    • A layout must have both a header (text or image) and a css/style sheet, as well as the basic requirements (a way to join, members list, last update date and link back to TFL) to be considered complete.
  • Your temporary/incomplete layout *must* still include the following: A way for members to join (either through a join form or by emailing you), a members list, last update date, and a link back to TFL.
  • You'll have three months since the date of approval to finish the layout and submit the finished layout form. If you fail to do so, your fanlisting will still be listed, but your layout will be considered overdue. You will receive a Reminder email, and will get one week to finish it and submit a finished layout form. If we don't hear from you within that week, your fanlisting will be removed from the network.