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December 29, 2012

Songs: Female Solo: All

Posted by Leigh Ann [3:00 am] (link)

This is a update of for the Songs: Female Solo category.

Upcoming Songs: Female Solo

Someone Like You (Adele); Still Doll (Wakeshima, Kanon); Fix a Heart (Lovato, Demi)

Finished Songs: Female Solo

Can’t Be Tamed (Cyrus, Miley); Power of Love (Dion, Celine); Song 4 U (Hamasaki, Ayumi); This Kiss (Hill, Faith); Let it Rain (JoJo) Marry the Night (Lady GaGa); Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (P!nk); I’m a Slave 4 U (Spears, Britney); Toxic (Spears, Britney)

Updated Songs: Female Solo

My Heart Will Go On (Dion, Celine); Suna no Oshiro (Wakeshima, Kanon)

Closed Songs: Female Solo (OPEN For Application)

Boys & Girls (Hamasaki, Ayumi); Missing (Hamasaki, Ayumi); Paparazzi (Lady GaGa); We Found Love (Rihanna)

Troubled Songs: Female Solo

Removed From Troubles (NOT OPEN For Application)

This Love (Aki, Angela); Eyes on Me (Aki, Angela); ENDLESS STORY (Ito, Yuna); Nobody’s Home (Lavigne, Avril); Ciaran’s Well (Turunen, Tarja)

Removed From Network (OPEN For Application)

Hole (Clarkson, Kelly); Bad Reputation (Jett, Joan); Danzai no Hana~Guilty Sky~(Kosaka, Riyu); Innocent (Lavigne, Avril); Take Me Away (Lavigne, Avril); Tears (LISA (Elizabeth Sakura Narita)); For Fruits Basket (Okazaki, Ritsuko); Pieces of Me (Simpson, Ashlee); Lucky (Spears, Britney)

Extensions Granted

Breakaway (Clarkson, Kelly); kanariya (Hamasaki, Ayumi); Real me (Hamasaki, Ayumi); STEP you (Hamasaki, Ayumi); vogue (Hamasaki, Ayumi) – 7 January 2013