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November 23, 2022

Pending Removal Emails

Posted by Senior Staff [7:32 pm] (link)

This is a announcement update of for all fanlisting owners for the General category.

In response to the ongoing requests from the majority of our Troubles and Overdue staffers and help ease some of the daunting process when it comes to Troubles and Overdue, Pending Removal emails (aside from the warning email that is sent out for ‘Overdue by 2 Months +’) will no longer be sent.  This means that if your fanlisting(s) is/are troubled, you will only receive the initial Troubles email and then either the Problem Resolved or Removed email.  The Pending Removal updates will continue to be posted here on the Updates Blog.

As always, each fanlisting owner is expected to fix the issue/send in a finished form before the scheduled removal date and reply to the Troubles/Overdue email, check the Updates Blog on a regular basis, and definitely no less than on a weekly basis, so that in the event a Troubles/Overdue email doesn’t arrive, you will know when a fanlisting of yours is on Troubles/Overdue, as well as when it’s scheduled to be removed from the network.