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March 10, 2019

Games: Troubles

Posted by Jackie [7:19 am] (link)

This is a complete update of troubles report forms for the Games category.

Troubled Games (NOT open for application)
The following fanlistings are scheduled for removal on March 17, 2019. If your fanlisting is listed below, please fix the problem AND reply to the troubles email. This is a complete update of all report forms.

Dead Link: Account Suspended
Computer, Console, & Video Games: .hack//G.U. series; Eternal Sonata (Trusty Bell: Chopin’s Dream); Final Fantasy IX (9); Final Fantasy XIII-2; Kingdom Hearts; Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 / Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES; Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 / Persona 4 Golden; Tales of Graces; Tales of Xillia; Tales of Xillia 2

Game Characters: Final Fantasy IX – Tribal, Zidane; Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Paddra Nsu-Yeul; Persona 5 – Kitagawa, Yusuke; Pokemon – Azelf (Agnome); Pokemon – Celebi (Serebii); Pokemon – Corsola (Sunnygo); Pokemon – Cyndaquil (Hinoarashi); Pokemon – Dedenne; Pokemon – Emolga (Emonga); Pokemon – Falkner (Hayato); Pokemon – Minun; Pokemon – Nidoran (male); Pokemon – Noibat (Onbat); Pokemon – Shellos (Karanakushi); Pokemon – Victini; Tales of Graces – Oswell, Hubert; Tales of Xillia – Mathis, Jude; Tales of Zestiria – Mikleo

Relationships: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children – Kadaj & Cloud Strife; Final Fantasy XIII-2 – Estheim, Hope & Noel Kreiss

Dead Link: 404/403
Computer, Console, & Video Games: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy; Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call

Game Characters: Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Flurry (Yukimi); Bravely Default – Ringabel; Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – Missile; Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Tora

Game Music: Final Fantasy VI – Forever Rachel

Relationships: Bravely Default – Lee, Edea & Ringabel; Final Fantasy IX – Alexandros XVII, Garnet Til (Dagger) & Zidane Tribal; Final Fantasy VIII – Almasy, Seifer & Quistis Trepe; Resident Evil: Code: Veronica – Burnside, Steve & Claire Redfield

Inactivity: 2 Months +
Computer, Console, & Video Games: Alice: Madness Returns; Mass Effect 2; Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness; Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge; Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned For Danger; Nancy Drew: The Final Scene; Slime Rancher; Witcher 3, The: Wild Hunt, The

Game Characters: Dissidia: Final Fantasy – Cosmos; Final Fantasy II – Firion (Frioniel); Final Fantasy II – Maria; Final Fantasy V – Tycoon, Reina (Lenna); Final Fantasy VI – Arrowny, Relm; Final Fantasy VI – Mog; Final Fantasy XV – Amicitia, Iris; La Corda D’Oro (Kiniro no Koruda/Corda/The Golden Chord) – Fuyuumi Shoko; La Corda D’Oro (Kiniro no Koruda/Corda/The Golden Chord) – Hino Kahoko; La Corda D’Oro (Kiniro no Koruda/Corda/The Golden Chord) – Ousaki Shinobu; La Corda D’Oro 3 (Kiniro no Koruda/Corda/The Golden Chord 3) – Kisaragi Kyoya; Overwatch – Zarya; Pyre – Jodariel

Miscellany: Final Fantasy (series) – Black Mage (class); Final Fantasy (series) – White Mage (class)

Mobile & Web Games: Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector (Hit-Point Co.)

Relationships: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy – Firion & Lightning; Dissidia: Final Fantasy – Branford, Terra & Cloud Strife; Final Fantasy VI – Cole, Locke & Terra Branford; La Corda D’Oro 3 (Kiniro no Koruda/Corda/The Golden Chord 3) – Kisaragi Kyoya & Kohinata Kanade

Inactivity: 2 Months + (0 Pending)
Board, Card, RPG, Etc. Games: Apples to Apples

Computer, Console, & Video Games: Bioshock; Dragon Age II; Dragon Age: Origins; Fallout: New Vegas; Harvest Moon: A New Beginning; Haunting Ground (Demento); Hyperdimension Neptunia; Life is Strange; Paper Mario; Parasite Eve series; Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Gyakuten Saiban); Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations (Gyakuten Saiban 3); Pokemon Colosseum; Pokemon Gold/Silver; Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire; Pokemon Red/Blue/Green; Pokemon Snap; Pokemon Sun/Moon; Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition; Portal 2; Super Mario Bros.; Super Mario Bros. series; Super Mario Galaxy; Super Mario Sunshine; Wolf Among Us, The; Xenogears

Game Characters: Assassin’s Creed II – da Firenze, Ezio Auditore; Beyond: Two Souls – Holmes, Jodie; Chrono Cross – Harle; Clannad – Ichinose, Kotomi; Clannad – Sagara, Misae; Dead Space – Clarke, Isaac; Dead Space – Clarke, Isaac; Fatal Frame II – Kurosawa, Sae; Final Fantasy – Shiva; Final Fantasy IV – Muir, Edward Chris von; Final Fantasy IV – Rydia of Mist; Final Fantasy VII – Gainsborough, Aerith (Aeris); Final Fantasy VIII – Dincht, Zell; Final Fantasy X-2 – Shuyin (Shuin); Fire Emblem: Awakening (Kakusei) – Henry; Grandia – Justin; Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni – Furude, Rika; Kingdom Hearts – Sora; Last of Us, The – Ellie; Last of Us, The – Joel; Persona 5 – Takamaki, Ann (Anne); Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban) – Fey, Mia (Ayasato Chihiro); Pokemon – Altaria (Tyltalis); Pokemon – Azurill (Ruriri); Pokemon – Dragonair (Hakuryu); Pokemon – Eevee (Iibui); Pokemon – Kangaskhan (Garura); Pokemon – Leafeon (Riifia); Pokemon – Misdreavus (Muma); Pokemon – Phanphy (Gomazou); Pokemon – Popplio (Ashimari); Pokemon – Rockruff (Iwanko); Pokemon – [+] Team Rocket; Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 – Kujikawa, Rise; Silent Hill – Garland, Lisa; Sonic the Hedgehog – Knuckles the Echidna; Steins;Gate – Makise Kurisu; Tales of the Abyss – Legretta (Regret); Tales of Xillia – Maxwell, Milla; Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – Bernkastel; Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – Furudo, Erika; Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – Lambdadelta; Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – Wright, Willard H.; Xenosaga – KOS-MOS

Game Systems: Game Boy Advance; Nintendo 3DS; Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) (Famicom)

Mobile & Web Games: Mystic Messenger (Cheritz Co.)

Relationships: Dead Space – Clarke, Isaac & Ellie Langford; Haunting Ground – Belli, Fiona & Daniella; Last of Us, The – Ellie & Joel; Walking Dead, The – Clementine & Lee Everett

Navigation: Script Errors
Computer, Console, & Video Games: Bioshock: Infinite; Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles; Final Fantasy X (10); Last of Us, The; Nancy Drew: Captive Curse, The; Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall; Nancy Drew: Message in a Haunted Mansion; Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand; Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower; Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy; Need for Speed series; Wii Fit / Wii Fit Plus

Game Characters: Final Fantasy X – Auron; Final Fantasy X – Wakka; Final Fantasy X-2 – Paine; Final Fantasy XII – Dalmasca, Ashelia B’nargin (Ashe); Fire Emblem: Awakening (Kakusei) – Cherche (Serge); Mortal Kombat – Kitana; Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower – Hotchkiss, Beatrice; Pokemon – Ampharos (Denryu); Pokemon – Jirachi; Pokemon – Juniper, Aurea (Dr. Araragi); Pokemon – Oshawott (Mijumaru); Pokemon – Plusle; Pokemon – Purrloin (Choroneko); Pokemon – Snivy (Tsutaaja); Pokemon – Teddiursa (Himeguma); Pokemon – Vaporeon (Shawazuu); Super Mario Brothers – Princess Daisy; Super Mario Brothers – Wario; Tales of Symphonia – Sage, Raine (Refill); Tales of the Abyss – Curtiss, Jade; Tales of the Abyss – Grants, Tear; Wolf Among Us, The – Beauty

Relationships: Final Fantasy X – Lulu & Wakka; Tales of the Abyss – Curtiss, Jade & Anise Tatlin; Tales of the Abyss – Fabre, Luke Fone & Tear Grants

Update Date: No Date
Game Characters: Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages – Nayru

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