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October 14, 2012

Games: F/U/C/O

Posted by Annie [9:55 pm] (link)

This is a update of for the Games category.

Finished Games
Computer, Console, Video, & Web Games: Dragon Age series; Dynasty Warriors series; Golden Sun: Dark Dawn; Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2

Game Characters: Devil Kings (Sengoku Basara) – Sarutobi Sasuke; Devil May Cry 4 – Nero; Final Fantasy IV – Harvey, Cecil; Golden Sun: Dark Dawn – Karis; Sengoku Basara 2 – Fuuma Kotarou; Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 – Sanada, Akihiko; Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World – Abend, Richter; Tales of the Abyss – Asch; Tales of the Abyss – Curtiss, Jade; Tales of Vesperia – Lowell, Yuri

Relationships: Final Fantasy IX – Alexandros, Garnet (Dagger) & Zidane Tribal; Final Fantasy VII – Gainsborough, Aerith (Aeris), Yuffie Kisaragi, & Tifa Lockhart

Updated Games
Computer, Console, Video, & Web Games: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance; Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon; Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships; Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge; Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned For Danger; Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

Game Characters: Dissidia: Final Fantasy – Cosmos; Final Fantasy VI – Arrowny, Relm; Final Fantasy VI – Mog; Hundred Swords – San Jeust, Erole; La Corda D'Oro (Kiniro no Koruda/Corda/The Golden Chord) – Fuyuumi Shoko; La Corda D'Oro (Kiniro no Koruda/Corda/The Golden Chord) – Ousaki Shinobu

Closed Games (OPEN for applications)
Computer, Console, Video, & Web Games: Metal Slug series

Game Characters: Pokemon – Ghetsis (Geechisu); Pokemon – May (Haruka); Pokemon – Volkner (Denji); Tales of Legendia – Valens, Chloe; Tales of the Abyss – Ion

Game Music: Parasite Eve OST

Miscellany: Final Fantasy X – Blitzball (mini-game); Kingdom Hearts – Organization XIII (organization)

Relationships: La Corda D'Oro (Kiniro no Koruda) – Hino Kahoko & Tsuchiura Ryotaro

Overdue Games
The following fanlistings are scheduled for removal on October 21. If your fanlisting is listed below, please send in a finished form or reply to the email.

Computer, Console, Video, & Web Games: Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken; Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu (Genealogy of Holy War)

Game Characters: Arcana Famiglia – Jolly; Dynasty Warriors 5 – Cao Pi; Final Fantasy VI – Branford, Terra (Tina); Final Fantasy X – Ronso, Kimahri; Pokemon – Erika; Pokemon – Lyra (Kotone); Pokemon – Sabrina (Natsume); Pokemon – Squirtle (Zenigame); Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 – Yamagishi, Fuuka; Silent Hill: Downpour – Pendleton, Murphy; Soulcalibur II – Sorel, Raphael; Tales of Destiny – Magnus, Leon (Lion); Tales of Xillia – Alvin

Relationships: Pokemon – Lyra (Kotone) & Silver; Tales of Symphonia – Anna & Kratos Aurion

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