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February 3, 2013

Games: Applications

Posted by Jackie [8:31 pm] (link)

This is a update of for the Games category.

This is a complete update of all applications except for games recently released, such as Ni no Kuni and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Upcoming Games
Computer, Console, Video, & Web Games: Brothers Conflict: Passion Pink; Darkstalkers (Vampire) series; Dungeon Fighter Online (Dungeon & Fighter); Gears of War series; Star Wars: The Old Republic; StarFox series

Game Characters: Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken – Eliwood; League of Legends – Leona; League of Legends – Sona; Pokemon – Arceus (Aruseus); Pokemon – Blaziken (Bashamo); Pokemon – Combusken (Wakashamo); StarFox – O'Donnell, Wolf

Updated Games
Computer, Console, Video, & Web Games: Breath of Fire series