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January 30, 2018

Characters: TV – Troubles Removals

Posted by Deborah [11:19 pm] (link)

This is a complete update of removals for the Characters: TV category.

Removed From Troubles – Closed (Open for application)
Dax, Jadzia (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Removed From Network (Open for application)
Hatter (Alice (2009)); Ashildr (Doctor Who series); Jones, Martha (Doctor Who series); Peth, Astrid (Doctor Who series); [+] Zombies (General and Miscellaneous); Offred (Handmaid’s Tale, The); Sullivan, Chloe (Smallville); [+] Vulcans (Star Trek series); Janeway, Kathryn (Star Trek: Voyager); Jones, Martha (Torchwood); St. James, Marc (Ugly Betty)