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February 23, 2017

Characters: Book/Movie – Troubles

Posted by Jef [2:04 am] (link)

This is a complete update of Problem Resolved and Pending Removals for the Characters: Book/Movie category.

Removed From Troubles: Closed (Open for applications):

Heiwajima, Kasuka (Durarara!!);

Removed From Troubles: Problem Resolved (Not open for application):

Grayson, Dick ‘Robin’ (Batman series); Nygma, Edward ‘The Riddler’ (Batman series); [+] Bloodpack, The (Blade Series); Watari (Death Note); Ryugamine, Mikado (Durarara!!); Jekyll, Dr. Henry/Mr. Edward Hyde (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The); [+] Green Dragoons (Patriot, The); Nikolas (Shattered Mirror); Sabretooth (X-Men series); Toynbee, Mortimer ‘Toad’ (X-Men series); Banner, Bruce ‘The Hulk’ (Avengers series, The); Vision (Avengers series, The); Kyle, Selina ‘Catwoman’ (Batman series); Priest (Blade Series); Reinhardt (Blade Series); MacManus, Connor (Boondock Saints, The); MacManus, Murphy (Boondock Saints, The); Kirill (Bourne Series, The); Vision (Captain America series); Walker, Wade ‘Cry-Baby’ (Cry-Baby); Wolfe, Gabriel (Dark Visions trilogy); Metatron (Dogma); Dracula II (Dracula II: Ascension); King Einon (Dragonheart); Duke, Raoul (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas); Commodus (Gladiator); Kruger, Victor ‘The Kurgan’ (Highlander Series); Le Chiffre (James Bond Series); Gray, Dorian (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The); Dwayne (Lost Boys, The); Marko (Lost Boys, The); Paul (Lost Boys, The); [+] Vampires (Lost Boys, The); [+] Agents (Matrix Series, The); [+] Twins, The (Matrix Series, The); Stamp, Hugh (Mission Impossible Series); High Priest Imhotep (Mummy Series, The); Croup, Mr. (Neverwhere); Vandemar, Mr. (Neverwhere); Redfern, Ash (Night World series); Gray, Dorian (Picture of Dorian Gray, The); Vaako (Pitch Black & Chronicles of Riddick, The); Capulet, Juliet (Romeo and Juliet); Kramer, John (Saw Series); Baudelaire, Klaus (Series of Unfortunate Events, A); Baudelaire, Violet (Series of Unfortunate Events, A); Bradshaw, Carrie (Sex and the City); Edgley, Stephanie ‘Valkyrie Cain’ (Skulduggery Pleasant); Pleasant, Skulduggery (Skulduggery Pleasant); Riker, William T. (Star Trek series); Erika (Underworld Series); Kraven (Underworld Series); Aleera (Van Helsing); Count Vladislaus Dracula (Van Helsing); Marishka (Van Helsing); Van Helsing, Gabriel (Van Helsing); Verona (Van Helsing); Igor (Young Frankenstein); Heiwajima, Kasuka (Durarara!!); Black, Jacob (Twilight series); Ohmsford, Wil (Shannara Chronicles, The (Sword of Shannara series, The)); Montague, Romeo (Romeo and Juliet); Blake, William (Dead Man);

Pending Removal (Not open for application):

The following fanlistings are scheduled for removal tomorrow, February 23, 2017. If your fanlisting is listed below, please fix the problem and reply to the troubles email!

Tallis, Cecilia (Atonement); Carter, Peggy (Captain America series); Moaning Myrtle (Harry Potter series); Baudelaire, Sunny (Series of Unfortunate Events, A); Kida, Masaomi (Durarara!!); Vincent, Peter (Fright Night series); Krum, Victor (Harry Potter series); Alec (Twilight series); Tanner, Bree (Twilight series); Sparrow, Captain Jack (Pirates of the Caribbean series); [+] Mermaids (Pirates of the Caribbean series); Tonks, Nymphadora (Harry Potter series); [+] Potter Family (Harry Potter series); [+] All Characters (High School Musical); Antilles, Wedge (Star Wars series); Clearwater, Leah (Twilight series); [+] Quileute Pack (Twilight series); Fox (Wanted (2008));

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