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December 1, 2018

Characters: Book/Movie: F/U/C/O

Posted by Harley [10:24 am] (link)

This is a complete update of finished, updated, closed and overdue (pending removal) for the Characters: Book/Movie category.

Please remember to put the full subject and subcategory names on your forms.

Finished Characters: Book/Movie
[+] Aliens (Xenomorphs) (Alien series); Death (Discworld Series); Rincewind (Discworld Series); Teatime, Mr. Jonathan (Discworld Series); Vetinari, Lord Havelock (Discworld Series); von Lipwig, Moist (Discworld Series); Draco (Dragonheart); Godzilla (Godzilla Series); Slytherin, Salazar (Harry Potter); Pinhead (Hellraiser); [+] Cenobites (Hellraiser); Maleficent (Maleficent); Salander, Lisbeth (Millennium series, The); Pan, Peter (Peter Pan); Owens, Sally (Practical Magic); Ginovaef, Nicholai (Resident Evil series); Valentine, Jill (Resident Evil series); Herondale, Jace (Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments); Bolton, Ramsay (Song of Ice and Fire Series, A); BB-8 (Star Wars series); Hux, General Armitage (Star Wars series); Solo, Ben ‘Kylo Ren’ (Star Wars series); Cowardly Lion, The (Wizard of Oz Series, The)

Updated Characters: Book/Movie
[+] Knights of Takhisis (Dragonlance Series); Olsson, Sandy (Grease Series); Krueger, Freddy (Nightmare On Elm Street, A); Targaryen, Daenerys (Song of Ice and Fire Series, A)

Closed Characters: Book/Movie (OPEN for application)
Stratford, Katarina ‘Kat’ (10 Things I Hate About You); Poirot, Hercule (Agatha Christie books); Banner, Bruce ‘The Hulk’ (Avengers series, The); Dumbledore, Albus (Harry Potter series); Finnigan, Seamus (Harry Potter series); McGonagall, Minerva (Harry Potter series); Moody, Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ (Harry Potter series); Holmes, Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes); Mormont, Jorah (Song of Ice and Fire Series, A); Stark, Arya (Song of Ice and Fire Series, A); Tyrell, Olenna (Song of Ice and Fire Series, A); Data (Star Trek series)

Overdue Pending Removal Characters: Book/Movie (NOT open for application)
The following fanlistings are scheduled for removal within the next 24 hours. If your fanlisting is listed below, please send in a finished form AND reply to the troubles email!

de Lenfent, Nicolas (Vampire Chronicles); Molloy, Daniel (Vampire Chronicles)

Overdue: Temporary Layouts
No layouts are overdue.