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January 23, 2022

Animals: All

Posted by Tiffany [10:37 am] (link)

This is a complete update of all forms for the Animals category.

Please remember to put the complete subject name (Example: Dogs: Breed of Dog) on your forms.

Upcoming Animals
Narwhals (Aquatic Animals)

Finished Animals
Owls (Birds); Cats: Brown (Mammals: Felines); Deer (Mammals: Other Herbivores)

Moved Animals
Dugongs (Aquatic Animals); Manatees (Aquatic Animals); Nudibranchs: Sea Bunny (Jorunna parva) (Aquatic Animals); Flamingos (Birds); Penguins: Little Penguins (Birds); Koalas (Mammals: Marsupials); Pandas: Giant (Mammals: Other Carnivores/Insectivores/Omnivores)

Closed Animals (Open for application)
No closed forms.

Overdue: No overdue fanlistings.

Overdue: Temporary Layouts: No overdue temporary layouts.

Report Forms: One report form was received and replied to.