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May 31, 2019

Animals: All

Posted by Tiffany [1:11 am] (link)

This is a complete update of all forms and troubles for the Animals category.

Please remember to put the complete subject name (Example: Dogs: Breed of Dog) on your forms.

Upcoming Animals
Big Cats (Mammals: Felines); Lions (Mammals: Felines)

Finished Animals
Sharks (Aquatic Animals)

Moved Animals
Snakes (Amphibians & Reptiles); Owls (Birds); Dogs: Akita (Mammals: Canines); Dogs: Bernese Mountain (Mammals: Canines); Dogs: Bulldogs (Mammals: Canines); Dogs: Cane Corso (Mammals: Canines); Dogs: Miniature Dachshunds (Mammals: Canines); Dogs: Rottweiler (Mammals: Canines); Dogs: Shiba Inu (Mammals: Canines); Donkeys (Mammals: Equines); Cats: British Shorthair (Mammals: Felines); Cats: Russian Blue (Mammals: Felines); Cats: Turkish Angora (Mammals: Felines)

Closed Animals (Open for application)
No closed forms.

Troubled Animals (Not open for application)
The following fanlistings are scheduled for removal on June 6, 2019. If your fanlisting is listed below, please fix the problem/send in a finished form and reply to the troubles email!

Thanks to Deborah and Jen, for trouble checking their parts of the category!

Dead Link: 404/403: Fish: Bettas (Aquatic Animals); Dogs: Brittany (Brittany Spaniel) (Mammals: Canines); Cats: Scottish Fold (Mammals: Felines); Cats: Siberian (Siberian Forest) (Mammals: Felines); Felines (Mammals: Felines); Tigers: Bengal (Mammals: Felines)

Inactivity: 2 Months +: Sea Turtles (Aquatic Animals); Dogs: Cocker Spaniels (Mammals: Canines); Cats: Persian (Mammals: Felines)

Navigation: Script Errors: Dogs: Golden Retriever (Mammals: Canines); Dogs: Pomeranian (Mammals: Canines); Dogs: Toy Poodles (Mammals: Canines)

Overdue: No overdue fanlistings.

Overdue: Temporary Layouts: No overdue temporary layouts.

Report Forms: No report forms.