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May 12, 2018

Animals: All

Posted by Tiffany [2:52 am] (link)

This is a complete update of all forms for the Animals category.

Please remember to put the complete subject name (Example: Dogs: Breed of Dog) on your forms.

Upcoming Animals
Velociraptors (Amphibians & Reptiles); Dogs: Shar Pei (Mammals: Canines)

Finished Animals
Dogs: Basset Hound (Mammals: Canines); Cats: British Shorthair (Mammals: Felines)

Moved Animals
Dogs: Bernese Mountain (Mammals: Canines); Donkeys (Mammals: Equines); Horses: Friesians (Mammals: Equines)

Closed Animals (Open for application)
Dragonflies (Invertebrates); Dogs: Greyhounds (Mammals: Canines); Horses: Norwegian Fjords (Mammals: Equines); Horses: Thoroughbreds (Mammals: Equines); Ponies (Mammals: Equines); Ponies: Welsh (Mammals: Equines)

Overdue: No overdue fanlistings.

Overdue: Temporary Layouts: No overdue temporary layouts.

Report Forms: No report forms.