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June 19, 2014

Food/Drinks – T/O/A

Posted by Rain [7:50 am] (link)

This is a complete update of troubles (resolved and removals), overdue removals and applications for the Food/Drinks category.

Removed from Troubles – Problem resolved (NOT OPEN for application)
Ice Cream: Pistachio (Dairy & Sorbets/Ices)

Removed from network (OPEN for application)
Cookies/Biscuits (Baked Goods); Chocolate: Hershey’s (Candy/Sweets); Gummy: Bears (Candy/Sweets); Noodles (Cereals, Grain Products & Nuts); Nuts: Cashews (Cereals, Grain Products & Nuts); Hamburgers: Cheese (Dishes); Pasta: Macaroni & Cheese (Dishes); Pizza (Dishes); Bailey’s Irish Cream (Drinks (Alcoholic)); Beer: Becks Gold (Drinks (Alcoholic)); Mogen David 20/20 (MD 20/20) (Drinks (Alcoholic)); Wine (Drinks (Alcoholic)); Coffee: Cafe Latte (Drinks (Non-Alcoholic)); Tomatoes: Sundried (Fruit & Vegetables); Afternoon Tea (General); Indian Food (Regional Cuisine); Goldfish Crackers (Snacks & Junk Foods); Yan Yan (Snacks & Junk Foods)

Overdue removals (OPEN for application)
Coke: Cherry (Drinks (Non-Alcoholic))

Upcoming Food/Drinks (NOT OPEN for application)
Starbucks: Caramel Frappuccino (Restaurant Items)

Pending Approval (NOT OPEN for application)
The following subject is currently pending approval. Applications are no longer being accepted.
Chinese Food (Regional Cuisine)