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The following section is designed to give you an idea of what the staff actually does - from our category positions, like applications staffers, to each of the senior staffers at the network.

Senior Staff

  • Maintain overall network
  • Plan and discuss changes/improvements to network
  • Liaise with TFL staff/visitors over changes/improvements to network
  • Make and implement final decisions over changes/improvements to network
  • Oversee management of other TFL staffers/volunteers

Senior Staff: Network Inquiries and Complaints

  • Respond to any inquiries about the TFL network
  • Pass on any category questions to category staffers
  • Look into any complaints about category problems (e.g., delays)
  • Follow up and review any complaints about category staffers
  • Look into and follow up any complaints about the network

Senior Staff: Staff Management

  • Keep track of staff updates and work at TFL
  • Find new staffers and maintain the staff database
  • Remove staffers when necessary
  • Oversee staff changes (e.g., staffers switching categories)
  • Work with the complaints staffer regarding complaints about staffers or categories

Senior Staff: Trouble Checker Management

  • Contact trouble checker volunteers to join trouble checker staff
  • Remove trouble checkers when necessary
  • Look into any complaints regarding trouble checkers
  • Maintain trouble checker database

Senior Staff: E-mail Changes

  • Change e-mails when requested
  • Follow up any problems with e-mail requests

Senior Staff: Board Management

  • Maintain board
  • Prune board posts regularly
  • Remove members that are still awaiting validation after 2 months
  • Clean up 'Hot Topic' posts


  • Work on a new TFL backend
  • Work with senior staff on problems with site


  • Design TFL website
  • Create new graphics (e.g., header images) for site
  • Create graphics for specific celebrations (e.g., TFL birthday)


  • Maintain and keep watch on the TFL server
  • Keep track of TFL finances

Category Staff: Applications

  • Organise applications
  • Process 'single applications'
  • Make decisions on topics with more than one application
  • Get feedback from other staffers on decisions for questionable or multiple applications
  • Contact applicants who may have too many fanlistings on upcoming or who have problems with their applications
  • Follow up applications (e.g., lack of information, etc.)
  • Contact all applicants with either an approval e-mail or a rejection e-mail
  • Reply to questions regarding applications (via e-mail or on the board)
  • Make a blog update after application forms have been processed

Category Staff: Finished, Update Information, and Closed

  • Review finished forms, ensuring they are correct and follow TFL rules
  • Reminds owners who are over the 4-weeks to build fanlistings mark
  • Trouble/remove fanlistings if owner doesn't build the fanlisting in 4-weeks
  • Process finished forms and inform owner
  • Review and process update information forms, then inform owner
  • Confirm closed forms and inform owner
  • Make a blog update after sending out e-mails

Category Staff: Troubles

  • Process report forms (double checking report in the database)
  • Send out troubles emails for each fanlisting on troubles list
  • Make a blog update after sending out emails
  • Deal with reponses to troubles emails (extensions, questions, etc.)
  • Send out pending removals to each fanlisting on troubles list that has not fixed problem
  • Delete troubled fanlistings and send out removal notice to owners
  • Make a blog update after removals/extensions/etc. take place
  • Get in contact with trouble checkers to check category

Trouble Checkers

  • Work with the troubles staffer to organise times to do category checks
  • Check each site in your portion of the category for problems (i.e., they are not following TFL's rules)
  • Create a list of 'problem fanlistings' for the category staffer (either by hand or using a script)
  • Check the category promptly and thoroughly