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Fanlisting Etiquette

Even on the Internet there are some common rules that people need to follow, and in fanlistings there is no exception. Below are some "guidelines" – they aren't enforceable rules, more common decency in dealing with fanlistings.

Etiquette for Visitors

  • Do not e-mail or instant-message owners to ask or request the fanlisting from them. Its quite rude, especially if the owner is taking care of the site.
  • Do not direct-link the codes or any images from the fanlisting. This steals bandwidth from their host.
  • Don't e-mail the owner asking for information about celebrities or the product. The owners are just running the fanlisting, they do not have information about what the fanlisting is for unless they say so.
  • Keep your information current, so let the owner know if you change e-mail address or web-site.

Etiquette for Owners

  • Don't use the word "official" or "approved" on your fanlisting unless you have been deemed such by the subject of your fanlisting. Use something like "listed at TFL" or something similar.
  • Do have an e-mail address or contact form on your fanlisting. Members may want to donate codes, information or affiliate with you.
  • Don't fake/pad your members list – this includes adding members from old fanlistings without their consent, merging fanlistings and adding the members to both without their consent.
  • If you move locations, e-mail your members to let them know.
  • Keep your information current at TFL – if you can not be reached, you risk losing your fanlisting. You can check what fanlistings you own under your e-mail address by using Your FL List.
  • Stick to one e-mail/name for all of your fanlistings. It makes it easier for both you and the staffers to keep track of your fanlistings. Most of the time the staffers know who is using multiple personas and it doesn't give you any added edge on getting a desired fanlisting.
  • Provide codes – see our Tutorials section for some help in creating codes. But be sure to at least provide some image and text option for your members. Not providing codes can deter people from joining.
  • Don't collect fanlistings – fanlistings are like animals and shouldn't be collected just for fun. It is irritating for members to have to change their links every few months as fanlistings get passed from owner-to-owner.
  • Make sure people using other browsers can access your site. This goes for people using and not using Internet Explorer.
  • Keep in mind visitors with Epilepsy and other conditions when designing your fanlistings. Some animated gifs, as well as certain types of other images, can be a trigger for those who are epileptic. This has the possibility of being life threatening for some seizure patients, so please refrain from including the following on your fanlistings: Fast moving or questionable images, such as spatial-contrast patterns (high contrast and dark bars), 'dartboard' sectored or 'whirling wheel' type imagery.
  • Do not insist on "code words" on the "Rules" page of your fanlisting; this practice is against the rules, and could lead to your fanlisting be placed on Troubles. If you're having issues with SPAM, see our Tutorial section for how-to's on managing SPAM.
  • The UK (United Kingdom) is legally a country, and while it's your own choice to exlude it from your fanlisting, please refrain from insulting people with sayings like, "THE UK IS NOT A COUNTRY SO DON'T BE AN IDIOT AND PUT IT".
  • Back up your members lists at least on a monthly basis so you don't constantly "lose" them. See our Tutorial section for how-to.
  • Don't email your fanlisting members about anything but your fanlisting. Lots of people hate spam, and as interesting as your news might be, most people don't join fanlistings thinking they are joining a mailing-list and/or club.
  • Update your members' information if they request it, especially if it concerns their e-mail or country. If you don't want to go through the trouble of maintaining your members list, then you can install a script to do it for you.
  • If a member wants to be deleted, please remove them.

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