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March 15, 2021

Characters: TV – Troubles Removals and Warnings

Posted by Deborah [6:10 am] (link)

This is a complete update of troubles extensions, problem resolved and pending removal for the Characters: TV category.

Removed From Troubles – Closed (Open for application)
Chiana (Farscape); Spencer, Lucky (General Hospital); Callisto (Xena: Warrior Princess); Gabrielle (Xena: Warrior Princess)

Removed From Troubles – Problem Resolved (Not open for application)
Bubble (Absolutely Fabulous); Monsoon, Edina (Absolutely Fabulous); Stone, Patsy (Absolutely Fabulous); Darla (Angel); McKay, Dylan (Beverly Hills, 90210); Nephrite (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Live Action); Darla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Alvez, Luke (Criminal Minds); Blake, Alex (Criminal Minds); Callahan, Kate (Criminal Minds); Gideon, Jason (Criminal Minds); Greenaway, Elle (Criminal Minds); Lewis, Dr. Tara (Criminal Minds); Rossi, David (Criminal Minds); Simmons, Matt (Criminal Minds); Walker, Stephen (Criminal Minds); Harvey, Roxy (Dead Like Me); Lass, Georgia ‘George’ (Dead Like Me); Mason (Dead Like Me); Sofer, Rube (Dead Like Me); Cooper, Gwen (Doctor Who series); Harkness, Captain Jack (Doctor Who series); Potts, Bill (Doctor Who series); Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones); H’ghar, Jaqen (Game of Thrones); Ygritte (Game of Thrones); Holliday, Holly (Glee); Jackson, Becky (Glee); Lynn, Ryder (Glee); Puckerman, Jake (Glee); Rose, Marley (Glee); Cobblepot, Oswald ‘The Penguin’ (Gotham); Crocker, Duke (Haven); Parker, Audrey (Lexie Dewitt, Lucy Ripley, Mara, Paige, Sarah Vernon) (Haven); Wuornos, Nathan (Haven); Foreman, Eric (House); Denbrough, Bill (It); Hanlon, Mike (It); Hanscom, Ben (It); Kaspbrak, Eddie (It); Marsh, Beverly (It); Pennywise (It); Tozier, Richie (It); Benson, Olivia (Law & Order); Briscoe, Lennie (Law & Order); Curtis, Rey (Law & Order); Green, Ed (Law & Order); Kincaid, Claire (Law & Order); Logan, Mike (Law & Order); McCoy, Jack (Law & Order); Rubirosa, Connie (Law & Order); Southerlyn, Serena (Law & Order); Van Buren, Anita (Law & Order); Benson, Olivia (Law & Order: Criminal Intent); Eames, Alexandra (Law & Order: Criminal Intent); Goren, Robert (Law & Order: Criminal Intent); Logan, Mike (Law & Order: Criminal Intent); Benson, Olivia (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit); Cassidy, Brian (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit); Stabler, Elliott (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit); Baird, Eve (Librarians, The); Carsen, Flynn (Librarians, The); Cillian, Cassandra (Librarians, The); Jenkins (Librarians, The); Jones, Ezekiel (Librarians, The); Stone, Jake (Librarians, The); Dao Ming Si (Meteor Garden); Mei Zuo (Meteor Garden); Lahiri, Mindy (Mindy Project, The); Bishop, Ellie (NCIS); Mallard, Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ (NCIS); Palmer, Jimmy (NCIS); Quinn, Alex (NCIS); Reeves, Clayton (NCIS); Todd, Caitlin ‘Kate’ (NCIS); Torres, Nick (NCIS); Scott, Michael (Office, The (US)); Cassidy, Neal ‘Baelfire’ (Once Upon a Time); Mr. Gold ‘Rumplestiltskin’ (Once Upon a Time); Dwyer, Andy (Parks and Recreation); Gergich, Jerry (Parks and Recreation); Haverford, Tom (Parks and Recreation); Ludgate, April (Parks and Recreation); Meagle, Donna (Parks and Recreation); Perkins, Ann (Parks and Recreation); Saperstein, Jean-Ralphio (Parks and Recreation); Saperstein, Mona-Lisa (Parks and Recreation); Swanson, Ron (Parks and Recreation); Traeger, Chris (Parks and Recreation); Wyatt, Ben (Parks and Recreation); Chandler, Ethan (Penny Dreadful); Clare, John (Penny Dreadful); Croft, Brona/Lily (Penny Dreadful); Frankenstein, Dr. Victor (Penny Dreadful); Ives, Vanessa (Penny Dreadful); Jekyll, Dr. Henry (Penny Dreadful); Lyle, Ferdinand (Penny Dreadful); Murray, Sir Malcolm (Penny Dreadful); Sweet, Dr. Alexander (Penny Dreadful); Guster, Burton ‘Gus’ (Psych); Lassiter, Carlton (Psych); de Poitiers, Sebastian ‘Bash’ (Reign); Lord Narcisse (Reign); Andrews, Archie (Riverdale); Andrews, Fred (Riverdale); Blossom, Cheryl (Riverdale); Cooper, Alice (Riverdale); Jones, Jughead (Riverdale); Lodge, Veronica (Riverdale); Sir Guy of Gisborne (Robin Hood); Conner, Darlene (Roseanne); Caldwell, Gigi (Scream Queens); Cascade, Dr. Cassidy (Scream Queens); Chanel #2 (Scream Queens); Chanel #3 (Scream Queens); Chanel #5 (Scream Queens); Clemens, Boone (Scream Queens); Hemphill, Denise (Scream Queens); Holt, Dr. Brock (Scream Queens); Martinez, Pete (Scream Queens); Munsch, Dean Cathy (Scream Queens); Williams, Zayday (Scream Queens); Count Olaf (Series of Unfortunate Events, A); Gallagher, Fiona (Shameless); Holmes, Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes); Abaddon (Supernatural); Balthazar (Supernatural); Fitzgerald IV, Garth (Supernatural); Gadreel (Supernatural); Hanscum, Donna (Supernatural); Jack (Supernatural); Jones, Alex (Supernatural); Lafitte, Benny (Supernatural); Michael (Supernatural); Mills, Sheriff Jody (Supernatural); Nieves, Kaia (Supernatural); Novak, Claire (Supernatural); Rowena (Supernatural); Ruby (Supernatural); Shurley, Chuck (Supernatural); Sunder, Lily (Supernatural); Turner, Patience (Supernatural); Turner, Rufus (Supernatural); Cooper, Gwen (Torchwood); Harkness, Captain Jack (Torchwood); Wen Ning (Untamed, The (Chen Qing Ling)); Chambler, Tara (Walking Dead, The); Dixon, Daryl (Walking Dead, The); Dixon, Merle (Walking Dead, The); Espinosa, Rosita (Walking Dead, The); Ford, Sgt. Abraham (Walking Dead, The); Greene, Maggie (Walking Dead, The); Michonne (Walking Dead, The); Williams, Sasha (Walking Dead, The)

Extension Granted (Not open for application)
Extension to April 6th, 2021: Elsa (Once Upon a Time)

Troubles – Pending Removal (Not open for application)
The following fanlistings are scheduled for removal within the next 24 hours. If your fanlisting is listed below, please fix the problem and reply to the troubles email!

Blake, Octavia (100, The); Lincoln (100, The); Hart, Maya (Girl Meets World); Bridger, Lemuel (Midnight, Texas); Charity, Olivia (Midnight, Texas); Strong, Joe (Midnight, Texas); St. John, Mick (Moonlight); Sciuto, Abigail ‘Abby’ (NCIS); Tuvok (Star Trek: Voyager); Mitchell, Cameron (Stargate SG-1); Keller, Jennifer (Stargate: Atlantis)