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About Sample
This is where you can introduce your visitor to the subject your fanlisting is about. Chances are, if the visitor was looking for your subject, he knows a bit about it. If not, you can always give him or her a little information so they know what exactly this website is about. Some people put this on an entirely different page, so you can too. You can find quick and easy information about a world of subjects in places like the following:
+ Internet Movie Database
+ Google Searches

Remember, you should always cite your sources, in case you ever carry a wrong fact or something. Always helps to back your work :)

Here is a list of suggestions to add to your 'about' page:

+ Histories
+ Biographies
+ Filmographies + Discographies
+ Your opinion (believe it or not, many a time people like to know why you decided to start a fanlisting!)
+ Trivia
+ Bibliographies

Here is a sample I've created for Harry Potter, the subject of my sample fanlisting:

About the Subject
Harry James Potter (born 31 July 1980 in Godric's Hollow, UK) is a fictional character and the protagonist of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is the only son of James Potter and Lily Potter.

Harry Potter has been portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe in all the Harry Potter films to date.

(Description from

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