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Sometimes owners have a rules page. This is not necessary, and many people combine the rules and join page together, or drop the rules page completely. If you do have a rules page, there don't have to be very many: TFL requirements are only a name, an email address (if you choose to require an email address) and a country! BUT! You cannot require a password or a "secret word" (the Enthusiast script is an exception because the password is optional). Here is my example of a rules list (feel free to use it on your own fanlistings):

1. You do not need a website - however, you do need a valid email address - anything submitted without an "@" and an extension (ie, will not be accepted. You are given the option of having your email hidden.

2. If you do have a website, you must put up a code - there is no "grace period" of any kind - if your code is not up by the time I go to check, I will list everything but your URL.

3. It is your job to keep your information up to date

4. Use the edit form if you are already a member!

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