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Welcome, New Fanlisting Owner!
This is a sample fanlisting. It is a basic fanlisting created to show you how a fanlisting can look like. It includes suggestions for what you may have to do. ALL fanlistings do not need to look like this and fanlistings do not have to include all these sections. The only requirements are those listed in the TFL Rules. It may also be helpful to consult the TFL 101 before building your fanlisting. It's not hard to create one of these, as you can see! You're free to look through the entire website, including the source (press control-u). Hopefully this little sample will inspire you to create your own fanlistings.

This is your welcome message to the visitor! Here you can announce what the fanlisting is for, what a fanlisting is, and invite the visitor to join the fanlisting if she or he is a fan of the subject. Here you must add a link to the Fanlistings Network, which is required! If you don't add a link you may land on the troubles list!

Last Updated: You must update your fanlisting every two months AND place an update date on the page or you'll find yourself on the troubles list. The rest of this information is optional.
Site Opened: The day you launched your fanlisting
Adopted From: The name & url of the previous owner (if you adopted the fanlisting)
Fans Listed: How many fans there are
Fans Pending: Place the code for pending fans here (if using Enthusiast / Listing Admin / BellaBuffs) OR update manually

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