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It's certainly an achievement when you get new members at a fanlisting you run, regardless of how popular you think the subject is. If your fanlisting has more than 25 members, you are entitled to display an official award from The Fanlistings Network on it. Currently, there are nine levels of awards: 25 members; 50 members; 100 members; 250 members; 500 members; 1,000 members; 2,000 members; 5,000 members and 10,000 members.

25, 50, or 100 members

If you would like to pick up an award for 25, 50 or 100 members, you can do so here. Unfortunately, we are unable to list the winners of these smaller awards, but you are free to select an award you like and add it to your site once you reach the required number of members. We have a selection for you to choose from, all designed by Abby.

250+ members

If you have more than 250 members, you must use the form below to apply for your award. The award graphic will be emailed to you after your fanlisting has been reviewed and your URL will be added to the list of winners. All large awards were designed by Emma-Jane. We also have a special gold award to hand out for fanlistings with 10,000 members, so keep that one in mind if you own a large fanlisting!

Good luck to all fanlistings, big or small.

Please use this form only if you have more than 250 members at the fanlisting you are submitting for an award. If you would like to collect a smaller award, please see above. The following rules apply:

  • Your fanlisting must be listed as part of the The Fanlistings Network. Any award requests for anime/manga fanlistings should be sent to The Anime Fanlistings Network.
  • When applying for a fanlisting, please include the subject and category of your fanlisting. This is required.
  • If your fanlisting is cross-listed into other categories, please specify which category fits it best as only one category will be listed on the blog and awards page.
  • Please do not apply when your fanlisting is on hiatus or when it has not reached the minimum of 250 members. Your application will be deleted. Feel free to reapply when your fanlisting has reopened or you have gained more members.
  • If your fanlisting has moved, please also fill out an Update Info form. Any changes to your URL that we list in the Awards section WILL NOT update your listing in the fanlistings database. If you have already filled out an Update Info form, but that form has not yet been processed, you will not be able to apply for an award. You must wait until your Update Info form has been processed.
  • The URL you submit on this form must match the URL in our database exactly. If you enter a URL that is not listed in our database, your form will not be submitted. If you are not sure what exact URL your fanlisting is listed under, please check the approved pages before attempting to submit an Awards application.

Fanlisting URL:
Fanlisting Subject:
Please note 10,000 awards are in gold only:
Any comments/questions?


If you want to be listed as a winner, you will need to submit your fanlisting information above. If your url has changed, is listed incorrectly, or if you were sent an award but do not see your site listed here, please feel free to send in a contact form, making sure to select the appropriate 'Awards' section from the drop-down menu.

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Did You Know?

Fanlistings need to be updated at least once every two months. If no one joins during that time period, all you need to do is add a little notice to your fanlisting which states that no one is joining. Make sure you date that notice so we can see that you've checked the site, but there have been no additional members. This will also let visitors know that the site is being maintained.