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November 29, 2021

TV/Movie/Book Miscellany – Troubles

Posted by Amber [2:39 pm] (link)

This is a complete update of troubles (pending removal) for the TV/Movie/Book Miscellany category.

The following fanlistings are scheduled for removal on in the next 24 hours. If any of the fanlistings below are yours, please fix the problem(s) or reply to the trouble email(s).

Dead Link: 404/403 Error
Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans (Harry Potter); Deluminator (aka Put-Outer) (Harry Potter); Classes: History of Magic (Harry Potter); Class: the Study of Ancient Runes (Harry Potter); Magic: Dark Arts (Harry Potter); Wands (Harry Potter)

Nagivation: Script Error
Durmstrang Institute (Harry Potter); Spell: Expecto Patronum (Harry Potter); Voldemort’s Wand (Harry Potter)