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February 3, 2005

Repeated neglect

Posted by Senior Staff [2:37 pm] (link)

This is a update of for the General category.

After a great deal of discussion, we have decided to officially implement a new guideline for both staffers and applicants regarding fanlistings that are repeatedly neglected. After having been on the troubles list twice for either: a) lack of updating; or b) members list neglect, a fanlisting found to be neglected for the third time may be removed from the network if the troubles staffer in charge deems it appropriate and a senior staffer confirms that the removal can go ahead. This does not apply to other troubles issues, such as dead links, incorrect links to TFL, or unfair rules. You will receive a personalised email if your fanlisting is removed for repeated neglect. We do not expect removals of this nature to occur on a regular basis.

The Rules page has been updated accordingly, and any questions about this new guideline should be directed toward the senior staff via the contact form.

August 15, 2004

Adult category changes

Posted by Senior Staff [2:39 pm] (link)

This is a update of for the General category.

There have been some changes in the Adult category, which have affected a few other categories too. We have decided that the Adult category should be for sex-related subjects only, as that is the usual understanding of the term “adult”. When referring to adult models, for example, you don’t think of models who are not children, you think of adults who pose nude. The same applies for adult movies, adult magazines, etc.

This means that all alcoholic drinks, tobacco-, cutting- and drug-related subjects, and some grown-up games such as drinking games and truth or dare, have been moved out of the Adult category and into the appropriate categories as shown below.


ALL ALCOHOLIC DRINKS, Marijuana/Pot Brownies

Drinking Games, Leisure Suit Larry, Truth or Dare


Amsterdam Coffee Shops, Bongs, Cocaine*, Ecstasy*, Glass Pipes, Heroin*, LSD/Acid*, Marijuana/Pot, Speed/Meth*, Tobacco


* – We have decided to place a ban on fanlistings for narcotics, which means that if any of the current fanlistings for narcotics (marked with an asterisk *) are ever removed from the network, they will not open up for application.

In future, please apply for alcoholic beverages under Food/Drinks, any tobacco/marijuana-related fanlistings under Miscellaneous (unless you are applying for a food containing marijuana, in which case you would apply under Food/Drinks), and use the Adult category only to apply for sexual activities, pornstars/models, porn movies, adult websites, and other sex-related subjects.

Any questions and comments are welcomed, and should be directed to the Senior Staff via the contact us page. 🙂

May 16, 2004

Character groups

Posted by Senior Staff [2:42 pm] (link)

This is a update of for the General category.

Since early 2003, a “no character groups” rule has been in place in the Characters: Book/Movie and Characters: TV categories. It was implemented to make things easier and more clear-cut for both staffers and fans, but it has ultimately caused more confusion than it’s worth.

After a great deal of discussion, we have decided that it would be best to abolish the rule entirely and allow Characters of, Females of, Males of, Teachers of, Vampires of, Students of, etc. fanlistings in addition to the character group fanlistings that have always been accepted, the ones for fictional bands, groups, clubs, races and species. Gender-specific character groups are limited to “male” or “female”. Male includes men and boys, and female includes women and girls. Also, you are not able to “stack” descriptors. This means that “Male Characters of” is okay. “Vampires of” is okay. “Male Vampires of” is not okay.

Staffers will be able to use some degree of discretion when it comes to approving fanlistings like this. If a character group you apply for only has one member, it is unlikely that it will be approved.

August 22, 2003

New adult rule

Posted by Senior Staff [2:46 pm] (link)

This is a update of for the General category.

There is a new rule for the adult category.
If you own a fanlisting in this category you cannot require members to be a certain age before they can join your fanlisting.
Because not all countries have the same “legal” ages. In some places you can drink when you are 16 while in others you must be 18 and others 21. Therefore, you cannot require your members to be a specific age. I will be doing a check and emailing all the fanlistings that currently require this. Your site will not be put on troubles unless this is not changed within 2 weeks. So, please, if you currently require this on your adult-related fanlisting, change it now to save me some time.

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