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November 17, 2023

Characters: TV – Troubles Removals

Posted by Deborah [6:17 am] (link)

This is a complete update of problem resolved and removals for the Characters: TV category.

Removed From Troubles – Problem Resolved (Not open for application)
Bubble (Absolutely Fabulous); Foxx, Cordelia (American Horror Story); Harmon, Violet (American Horror Story); Howard, Billie Dean (American Horror Story); Hypodermic Sally (American Horror Story); Caleb (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Calendar, Jenny (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Fordham, Billy ‘Ford’ (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Glory (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Alvez, Luke (Criminal Minds); Gideon, Jason (Criminal Minds); Greenaway, Elle (Criminal Minds); Harvey, Roxy (Dead Like Me); Harkness, Captain Jack (Doctor Who series); Gordon, Melinda (Ghost Whisperer); Gilmore, Lorelai (Gilmore Girls); Gilmore, Rory (Gilmore Girls); Crocker, Duke (Haven); Denbrough, Bill (It); Hanlon, Mike (It); Hanscom, Ben (It); Briscoe, Lennie (Law & Order); Green, Ed (Law & Order); Eames, Alexandra (Law & Order: Criminal Intent); Goren, Robert (Law & Order: Criminal Intent); Cassidy, Brian (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit); De Vil, Cruella (Once Upon a Time); Clare, John (Penny Dreadful); Caldwell, Gigi (Scream Queens); Cascade, Dr. Cassidy (Scream Queens); Chanel #2 (Scream Queens); Chanel #3 (Scream Queens); Chanel #5 (Scream Queens); Clemens, Boone (Scream Queens); Hemphill, Denise (Scream Queens); Holt, Dr. Brock (Scream Queens); Fitzgerald IV, Garth (Supernatural); Hanscum, Donna (Supernatural); Harkness, Captain Jack (Torchwood); Dixon, Merle (Walking Dead, The); Espinosa, Rosita (Walking Dead, The); Ford, Sgt. Abraham (Walking Dead, The)

Removed From Network (Open for application)
Monsoon, Edina (Absolutely Fabulous); Stone, Patsy (Absolutely Fabulous); LaLaurie, Madame Delphine (American Horror Story); Langdon, Constance (American Horror Story); Langdon, Michael (American Horror Story); Langdon, Tate (American Horror Story); Laveau, Marie (American Horror Story); Martin, Sister Jude (American Horror Story); McKee, Sister Mary Eunice (American Horror Story); Mott, Dandy (American Horror Story); Mott, Gloria (American Horror Story); O’Hara, Moira (American Horror Story); Queenie (American Horror Story); Shachath (American Horror Story); Snow, Myrtle (American Horror Story); Taylor, Liz (American Horror Story); Winters, Lana (American Horror Story); Lockley, Kate (Angel); McDonald, Lindsey (Angel); Morgan, Lilah (Angel); Romero, Sheriff Alex (Bates Motel); McKay, Dylan (Beverly Hills, 90210); McNally, Jesse (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Lewis, Dr. Tara (Criminal Minds); Rossi, David (Criminal Minds); Simmons, Matt (Criminal Minds); Walker, Stephen (Criminal Minds); Lass, Georgia ‘George’ (Dead Like Me); Mason (Dead Like Me); Sofer, Rube (Dead Like Me); Potts, Bill (Doctor Who series); Washburne, Zoe (Firefly); Mooney, Fish (Gotham); Parker, Audrey (Lexie Dewitt, Lucy Ripley, Mara, Paige, Sarah Vernon) (Haven); Wuornos, Nathan (Haven); Kaspbrak, Eddie (It); Marsh, Beverly (It); Pennywise (It); Tozier, Richie (It); Uris, Stanley (It); Kincaid, Claire (Law & Order); Logan, Mike (Law & Order); McCoy, Jack (Law & Order); Olivet, Dr. Elizabeth (Law & Order); Robinette, Paul (Law & Order); Ross, Jamie (Law & Order); Rubirosa, Connie (Law & Order); Southerlyn, Serena (Law & Order); Stone, Ben (Law & Order); Van Buren, Anita (Law & Order); Logan, Mike (Law & Order: Criminal Intent); Jenkins (Librarians, The); Stone, Jake (Librarians, The); Sylvie (Loki); Mallard, Dr. Donald ‘Ducky’ (NCIS); Palmer, Jimmy (NCIS); Quinn, Alex (NCIS); Reeves, Clayton (NCIS); Torres, Nick (NCIS); Ursula (Once Upon a Time); Perkins, Ann (Parks and Recreation); Saperstein, Jean-Ralphio (Parks and Recreation); Saperstein, Mona-Lisa (Parks and Recreation); Swanson, Ron (Parks and Recreation); Traeger, Chris (Parks and Recreation); Wyatt, Ben (Parks and Recreation); Murray, Sir Malcolm (Penny Dreadful); Sweet, Dr. Alexander (Penny Dreadful); Martinez, Pete (Scream Queens); Munsch, Dean Cathy (Scream Queens); Williams, Zayday (Scream Queens); Jones, Alex (Supernatural); Lafitte, Benny (Supernatural); Mills, Sheriff Jody (Supernatural); Nieves, Kaia (Supernatural); Novak, Claire (Supernatural); Rowena (Supernatural); Sunder, Lily (Supernatural); Turner, Patience (Supernatural); Turner, Rufus (Supernatural); Rovia, Paul ‘Jesus’ (Walking Dead, The); Stokes, Gabriel (Walking Dead, The); Williams, Sasha (Walking Dead, The)


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