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December 20, 2012

Characters: TV – F/U/C/O

Posted by April [5:44 am] (link)

This is a update of for the Characters: TV category.

Finished Characters: TV
Delfino, Susan (aka Susan Mayer) (Desperate Housewives); LaCroix, Lucien (Forever Knight); Tully Catelyn (Game of Thrones); Cohen-Chang, Tina (Glee); Barkley, Avery (Nashville); Clemmons, Goldie (New Normal, The); Clemmons, Shania (New Normal, The); Collins, Bryan (New Normal, The); Murray, David (New Normal, The); Princess Aurora (Once Upon a Time); Valenti, Kyle (Roswell); Michonne (Walking Dead, The); Ellis, Sara (White Collar)

Updated Characters: TV
McDonald, Lindsey (Angel); Cooper, Sheldon (Big Bang Theory, The); Maclay, Tara (Buffy the Vampire Slayer); Shephard, Jack (Lost); Mr. Gold (Rumpelstiltskin) (Once Upon a Time)

Closed Characters: TV (OPEN for application)
Geller Bing, Monica (Friends); Humphrey, Jenny (Gossip Girl); [+] All Characters (Gossip Girl); Zack (Lost); Turner, Violet (Private Practice); Wilder, Pete (Private Practice); [+] All Characters (Vampire Diaries, The)

Overdue Characters: TV (NOT OPEN for application)
The following fanlistings are scheduled for removal on December 26, 2012. This is regular overdue fanlistings and temporary layouts. If your fanlisting is listed below, please submit a finished form and reply to the troubles email. Thank you.

[+] Crawley Sisters, The (Downton Abbey); Jones, Andrew ‘Frisco’ Jr. (General Hospital); Prosser, Joseph (Last Resort); Denna (Legend of the Seeker); Rahl, Darken (Legend of the Seeker); [+] Mord-Sith (Legend of the Seeker); Bashir, Julian (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)