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General TFL Guidelines

  • Please make sure you've read the rules carefully and checked the approved section before applying.
  • If you're applying for more than one fanlisting, please use a separate form for each fanlisting you want.
  • If the fanlisting you want fits into more than one category, please apply in both categories. This does not apply to certain categories, however. Please check the rules and category list pages for more information.
  • Name, Email, HTML Example and subject are required fields. Your application will NOT go through unless you fill in these fields.
  • Your HTML Example must be your own work. Applications submitted with a link to a website designed and built by someone else will be rejected.
  • PLEASE NOTE: there is a limit on the number of upcoming fanlistings an owner may have. If you have:
    - 6 fanlistings upcoming in a category and/or
    - 20 fanlistings upcoming at the network
    the staffer has the right to reject your application out-right or until you complete some of your upcoming fanlistings..
    If some of these are pending finished forms being processed, include the completed URLs in your application form.
    Do not use more than one email address to apply for your fanlistings.

Specific TV/Movie/Book Miscellany Rules

  • First of all, read and follow the General Guidelines listed above.
  • Please give some information on the topic you are applying for and what significance it has in the TV show, movie, or book it is from.
    Be sure to include:
    • A brief description of the series the subject is from
    • A brief description of the subject, and it's relevance to the series.
    • Wikipedia links
    • Any further links or information

  • Approvable in this category:
    • Fictional places, cities, buildings etc.
      • Rooms and parts of buildings are considered on a case-by-case basis and must have a particular importance to the series to be considered.
    • Items which play a significant role within the series
      • If an item has a name, a special history or role unlike others of its kind in the same series, or other distinguishing characteristic then it qualifies.
      • Normal items such as swords, wands, etc. will only be accepted on a general basis unless it has a proven significance (see above rule)
    • Special events with significance to the movie, book, or series are accepted.
      • An example would be the Yule Ball in Harry Potter. If it has a title, then it may be approvable.
    • "Promotional Materials" of a particular TV show, movie, or book.
      • These fanlistings will cover things like Trailers, Posters etc. which are not approvable seperately in this category.
    • "Costumes of" a series are approvable and will cover the entire series
  • Not Approvable in this Category:
    • Real-life places, cities, buildings etc.
      • These are approved in the Places category.
    • Items with no real significance to the story
      • For example: Hermoine's Wand and Ginny's wand have no substantial role to play in the story.
    • General scenes and sequences such as beginnings, endings, or variations thereof as well as specific ones from films, TV shows, or books are not accepted.
      • This includes chapters of books or DVDs.
      • Fights, dances, kisses etc. between two people are also not approvable.
      • Quotes, catchphrases or dialogue sequences from TV Shows, Books or Movies are not approvable.
    • Trailers of, posters of, or any other promotional-type materials are note approvable seperately, and are instead covered by "Promotional Materials"

    • "Music of [SERIES]" should be applied for in the Music Miscellany category.

    • "Wardrobes of Person A", or any specific outfits worn by characters (for example Hermoine's Yule Ball gown) are not approvable seperately. The only approvable subject referring to outfits is "Costumes of [SERIES]" which will cover the entire series.

    • People, Races, Teams, Animals, and everything else alive or with a personality go into the Characters: Book/Movie, or Characters: TV category.
      • Versions of characters are not accepted.
      • Personality traits, physical traits, and powers are considered part of the character, and are not accepted.
    • Subjects from Animated film/tv belong in the Animation category

    • Anime/Manga subjects belong over at the The Anime Fanlistings. If any anime/manga items have a TV/Movie/Book equivalent, the item must have a significance to the TV/movie/book, not the anime/manga.
  • This is the wrong category for any of the following:
    • Movies and Movie Series (These belong in the Movies category)
    • TV Shows and Series of TV Shows (These belong in the TV Shows category)
    • Books and Book Series (These belong in the Literature category)
    • Fanfiction (These belong in the Fan Works category)

  • This category is for items that absolutely cannot be listed in any other category. Therefore, there will be no more cross-listing between this and other categories.

  • For more details on these rules and tips for using this category, please see this message board post. Before you fill out the application form, please be sure that the object, etc. is a significant part of the episode or plot or the series as a whole. Feel free to send me a contact form to discuss whether something is approvable or not. :)
  • Failure to follow any of the rules will result in your application being sent back to you. You are welcome to send in a new application with the correct information, but approvals will not be held off until you do.
  • Please refrain from giving away spoilers for any TV Shows, movies or books. Thanks! :)

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Did You Know?

TFL does not approve fanlistings on a first-come first-served basis. We feel that that would be rather unfair! Applications are held for at least a week, and then the staffer goes through each application to try and select the best owner.