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General TFL Guidelines

  • Please make sure you've read the rules carefully and checked the approved section before applying.
  • If you're applying for more than one fanlisting, please use a separate form for each fanlisting you want.
  • If the fanlisting you want fits into more than one category, please apply in both categories. This does not apply to certain categories, however. Please check the rules and category list pages for more information.
  • Name, Email, HTML Example and subject are required fields. Your application will NOT go through unless you fill in these fields.
  • Your HTML Example must be your own work. Applications submitted with a link to a website designed and built by someone else will be rejected.
  • PLEASE NOTE: there is a limit on the number of upcoming fanlistings an owner may have. If you have:
    - 6 fanlistings upcoming in a category and/or
    - 20 fanlistings upcoming at the network
    the staffer has the right to reject your application out-right or until you complete some of your upcoming fanlistings..
    If some of these are pending finished forms being processed, include the completed URLs in your application form.
    Do not use more than one email address to apply for your fanlistings.

Specific Relationships: Real Life Rules

    What is NOT accepted in Real Life Relationships:

    • Relationships between the characters that an actor/actress plays.
      These belong in Relationships: Book/Movie or Relationships: TV.
    • Relationships between a person and their multiple partners, for example: George Clooney/Lovers.
    • Relationships between a person and their pet(s).
    • Relationships between a celebrity parent and their non-celebrity children.
      (This includes "Family" fanlistings where there are celebrity parents with non-celebrity children).
    • Relationships that consist of more than 10 people.
      Such a relationship may constitute a "Cast" relationship, for example: Lord of the Rings: Cast.
    • Relationships between a webmaster and their family/friends.

    When applying for a regular relationship:

    • Fanlistings are to cover all aspects of the relationship - platonic, romantic, antagonistic, or family. You cannot apply for a fanlisting for a pairing/group as lovers, as rivals, or as friends. Your fanlisting MUST cover all aspects.
    • Use the format: Last Name, First Name Person A and First Name Last Name Person B, and use alphabetical order.
    • When applying for a "Cast" relationship, please use the format: Cast: Movie/TV Show.
    • Spell check the names of the people in the relationship.
    • Provide an explanation as to who the people you are applying for are and what their relationship to each other is in the 'More Info' field.
      (If possible include a link to a site which proves the relationship).
      This is a MUST.
    • It might also help say a little about why you are a fan of their relationship. I always find this useful when approving fanlistings.

Your Website
Please make sure this HTML example has been made by you.
Category: Relationships: Real Life
More Information?
Other names, links to information on the subject, etc.
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I have read and understood the rules and I agree to follow them.

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Did You Know?

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