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General TFL Guidelines

  • Please make sure you've read the rules carefully and checked the approved section before applying.
  • If you're applying for more than one fanlisting, please use a separate form for each fanlisting you want.
  • If the fanlisting you want fits into more than one category, please apply in both categories. This does not apply to certain categories, however. Please check the rules and category list pages for more information.
  • Name, Email, HTML Example and subject are required fields. Your application will NOT go through unless you fill in these fields.
  • Your HTML Example must be your own work. Applications submitted with a link to a website designed and built by someone else will be rejected.
  • PLEASE NOTE: there is a limit on the number of upcoming fanlistings an owner may have. If you have:
    - 6 fanlistings upcoming in a category and/or
    - 20 fanlistings upcoming at the network
    the staffer has the right to reject your application out-right or until you complete some of your upcoming fanlistings..
    If some of these are pending finished forms being processed, include the completed URLs in your application form.
    Do not use more than one email address to apply for your fanlistings.

Specific Episodes Rules

  • What Is Accepted?

    An episode must have aired on TV, been released on DVD or video, or made available to the public in some official form. Screener copies, previews intended for industry use, panel or convention screenings, or any kind of exclusive preview do not count as official releases.

    You may apply for unaired but upcoming episodes that have had official preview releases, such as being streamed on network websites or made available on iTunes, through Netflix, or in any other way, but your application will be held until the episode has aired on TV. This does not include unofficial or illegal downloads -- unaired episodes are not accepted unless they have officially released, even if they have been leaked online.

    All applications sent before an episode's official release will be rejected.

    Episodes must have a unique name, number, or air date and clearly be a singular episode of a series. Episodes of soaps, news shows, talk shows, or any other kind of program that might not have clearly defined "episodes" will be approved at the staffer's discretion. "Webisodes" or internet-only episodes will be also approved at the staffer's discretion.

    Clip-show specials that aren't actually part of the series, such as the Lost recap specials, will not be approved.

    Mini-series go in the TV Shows category (even if it has a companion TV show). All animated episodes go in Animation. If you have any questions about where a subject should go, feel free to contact me.

  • How to Apply

    Please include both the show name (in the subcategory field) and the season of the episode. If in doubt, is a helpful resource. If the episode doesn't have a title, provide a number, air date, or any other identifying information.

    Use this format for the Subject field: Season.Episode number - Name of Episode (Example: 05.01 - Eleventh Hour)

    Do not apply for more than six episodes at a time, as there is a limit of six upcoming fanlistings per category. Your application will be rejected if you have 6+ upcoming episodes or 20+ upcoming fanlistings network-wide. If you are nearing or over those limits but have upcoming fanlistings for which you have submitted finished forms that have not yet been processed, you must include the URLs in the comments area if you do not want them count against the limit. Please note that I do not have access to the finished forms sent to episodes, as those go to a different staffer, so you must include URLs even for finished episode fanlistings.

  • Multi-Part Episodes

    Multi-part episodes (two-part, three-part, etc.) may be approved as one fanlisting, but only if they are clearly named as such, like "Graduation Day, Part 1" and "Graduation Day, Part 2," or if they are clearly "to be continued" parts of the same story and aired on the same day as one episode.

    For these and any other episode that could be considered multiple parts of the same story, if there are multiple applicants I may choose to approve each part separately. Therefore, please submit a separate application for each episode unless you do not want to be considered for any of the episodes individually.

    If you are approved for more than one part, you must include a way for members to choose which part they are a fan of when they join and list their choice with the members information on the members list.

  • Themes

    Themes are acceptable, but a show must have at least three episodes that fit the theme, except for season premieres and season finales, which only need two. For themes other than premieres and finales, please list at least three episodes you feel would fall under your proposed theme in your application.

    The theme must be the main theme of the episodes. For example, there are clearly three Halloween-themed episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, making that theme approvable. However, there is only one Christmas-themed episode. Christmas is mentioned in other episodes, but is not a main theme, so that theme would not be approvable. For harder to pin-down themes like birth episodes, wedding episodes, etc., the theme will only be considered if at least three episodes focus on that event.

    Themes that are not approvable include dream sequence episodes, flashback episodes, character-centric or arc-centric themes, and themes such as episodes written or directed by a specific person or featuring a specific actor. All themes will be approved at the staffer's discretion.

  • More Info

    Provide a link (a link to the episode at is best) to information about the episode that includes the air date. Applications are open for at least a week following the premiere or official release of an episode or the removal of an episode from the network. Many factors go into making an approval, including number of upcoming fanlistings, number of related fanlistings, troubles history, and HTML abilities -- approvals are not made on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that building your fanlisting before applying does not guarantee you will be approved nor give you any advantage.

    If you have any other questions about your application, feel free to send in a contact form or post in the episodes subforum.

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