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General TFL Guidelines

  • Please make sure you've read the rules carefully and checked the approved section before applying.
  • If you're applying for more than one fanlisting, please use a separate form for each fanlisting you want.
  • If the fanlisting you want fits into more than one category, please apply in both categories. This does not apply to certain categories, however. Please check the rules and category list pages for more information.
  • Name, Email, HTML Example and subject are required fields. Your application will NOT go through unless you fill in these fields.
  • Your HTML Example must be your own work. Applications submitted with a link to a website designed and built by someone else will be rejected.
  • PLEASE NOTE: there is a limit on the number of upcoming fanlistings an owner may have. If you have:
    - 6 fanlistings upcoming in a category and/or
    - 20 fanlistings upcoming at the network
    the staffer has the right to reject your application out-right or until you complete some of your upcoming fanlistings..
    If some of these are pending finished forms being processed, include the completed URLs in your application form.
    Do not use more than one email address to apply for your fanlistings.

Specific Characters: Book/Movie Rules

  • Please read the General TFL Guidelines above AND the category rules below and follow them all. If you do not follow these guidelines, your application will not be accepted.

  • Acceptable in this category:
    - characters from movies or film series
    - characters from books or series of books
    - characters from TV movies

    NOT Acceptable in this category:
    - characters from animated movies or TV shows (apply in Animation)
    - characters from comic books (apply in Comics)
    - characters that originated in anime/manga (apply at TAFL)
    - characters that originated in games (apply in Games)
    - characters from TV mini-series or TV shows (apply in Characters: TV)
    - relationships between two or more characters (apply in the appropriate Relationships category)

  • Applications for characters from books that have not been published or movies that have not been released will not be accepted.

  • Character groups are accepted. We accept fanlistings for fictional bands, groups, clubs, races and species. Gender-specific character groups are limited to 'male' or 'female.' Male includes men and boys, and female includes women and girls, although subjects like Ravenclaws: Boys or Ravenclaws: Girls are no longer approved and would now simply be listed as Ravenclaws. Also, you are not able to 'stack' descriptors. This means that 'Male Characters of' is okay. 'Vampires of' is okay. 'Male Vampires of' is not okay.

  • "Versions" of characters are NOT acceptable. This applies to possessed, enchanted, evil, demon, ghost, zombie, vampire, fantasy, or otherwise transformed versions of characters, even if the alternative version is played by a different actor.

  • Please note that obscure characters -- characters who may be mentioned by name once or twice in the book, movie, or book series they appear in, but who play no visible role in the novel(s) or film(s) whatsoever and have no noticeable personality in canon -- are no longer approvable. Generally, in order to be considered approvable under this rule, a character must at the very least 1) have a name; 2) speak more than one sentence; and 3) act in some way. Certain exceptions to this are possible -- for example, the Hogwarts founders are considered important enough to the Harry Potter series that they could still be approved -- but please use your common sense when applying for a very minor character, and remember that if you are a fan of a "fanon" version of a minor character, you are free to apply for a related subject in Fan Works.

  • You must specify in the subcategory field on the apply form which book(s) or movie(s) the character you are applying for is from or your form will be deleted. If the subcategory field isn't working for you, you may enter it in the Subject field in parenthesis next to the subject name, like this: Subject (Subcategory) Example: Potter, Harry (Harry Potter series)

  • Put the characters' LAST name first on your form, then the first name. (Example: Potter, Harry)

  • You MUST include a link (whether the character is well known or not/you are making a crosslist request/etc) to the movie's page at in the More Information field on the form. If the character is from a book, put a link to information about the character, such as their wikipedia page. If you do not include the link, your form will be deleted.

  • DO NOT abuse the apply form. The absolute maximum number of fanlistings you are allowed to have upcoming in a category is six. I enforce this rule very strictly, which means that if you send me more than six applications at once, every application after six approvals will be deleted, so make sure you choose which six subjects you want the most. I will not wait for you to make up your mind before processing any updates; therefore, you could miss out on a fanlisting you want if you ignore this rule. I repeat: do not send more than six applications to this category at once.

  • NOTE: If you apply for something that does not belong in this category or break any of the rules, your application will be deleted. I will not forward your application to the correct category. I will not wait for you to send me an HTML example before making my decision on a subject you applied for. This means you could easily miss out on a fanlisting you want if you break the rules.

  • Fanlistings approved before any of the above rules came into effect will not be affected.

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